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Volume : 750 ml , 1000 ml

Glass jar is dishwasher safe. allow to dry completely.

Wood lid, do not use dishwasher! Wipe with a damp cloth to clean oe wash by hand. accasionally rub few drops of olive oil.


Size ( cm ) : W.9.10 L9.10 H 14.80 (750 CC.)

Dimple Glass Jar 750cc.

Origin: Thailand


Size ( cm ) : W.9.10 L9.10 x H.10.3 (500 CC.)

Dimple Glass Jar 500cc.

Origin: Thailand


Size ( cm ) : W.9.1 x H 19.2 (1000 CC.)

Dimple Glass Jar 1000cc.

Origin: Thailand


Size ( cm ) : W.9.10 L9.10 H.7.3 (325 CC.)

Dimple Glass Jar 325cc.

Origin: Thailand

Ivory Storage Container

ChaBatree Ivory Deep Storage Container 32 oz

Dimension : W11.2 x L17.1 x H 8 CM
Capacity : 0.96 L.
Material : enamel with acacia wood lid
Simplicity style enamel canister for butter or any dried food. Enamel made from high strength steel and cover with enamel glaze several time in high temperature, so it suitable for keep food and also good in baked

Care instruction :
Enamel : oven and dishwasher safe. Do not put in microwave!!
Wood lid : Wipe with a damp cloth to clean or wash by hand. Occasionally rub few drops of olive oil.



Size ( cm ) : W9.70 L9.70 H11.20

Boaster jar in Monkey Pod wooden lid.

Origin: Thailand

Material: Teak

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