VINTAGE PKG "Baguette Classic"

Product image 1VINTAGE PKG "Baguette Classic"
Product image 2VINTAGE PKG "Baguette Classic"

Regular price HKD$105

Material: Stainless Steel, Pink Gold Plated


Parfait Spoon Size: L225mm

Coffee Spoon Size: L120mm

Tea Spoon Size: L135mm

Dessert Spoon Size: L150mm

Dessert Fork Size: L150mm

Dessert Knife Size: L180mm

Dinner Spoon Size: L195mm

Dinner Fork Size: L195mm

Dinner Knife Size: L235mm

Dinner Knife Size: L235mm

Ice Cream Spoon Size: L130mm

*Dishwasher safe & Bleach use allowed

*Do not microwave

Made in Japan

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